Best packers and movers in IMT Manaser

As IMT Manaser is notorious for its heavy traffic jams and narrow roads, the entire process of shifting and relocation in this city could be a daunting task for anyone. Here comes Max Logistic as your saviour, as it has garnered the image of the best packers and movers company in IMT Manaser. It has been the most reliable packer and mover within IMT Manaser and the most reputable name in the industry.

We are sure, nobody wants to take risks with their heavy and valuable household items, while shifting from one place to another.Therefore, you need to take help from people who have the right expertise. Max Logistics has a team which has years of experience in this job. IMT Manaseran count on us to ensure safe transportation of all their belongings at their desired location.

Benefits of Hiring a Packing and Moving Company

If you choose to delegate all the responsibilities of your relocation to an experienced company, many benefits come along with it. Hiring a team of trustworthy and seasoned people to do this job is always worth your money. They will take all your burden regarding relocation on their own head.

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a packing and Moving Company

  • They will ensure the utmost safety of your luggage and other household items.
  • Your relocation will be done by experts who will make this hectic work very convenient for you.
  • You will not get injured and tired due to moving heavy objects during relocation.
  • You will not have to be worried about losing any belongings and damages.
  • All of your things will be packed meticulously, that will prevent any damages to occur.

Why Max Logistic Packers and Movers in IMT Manaser?

IMT Manaser

Best Price

100% price and service gurantee

No surprises on your shifting day, no hidden costs. Saving on the shifting cost by upto 40% Get exact prices based on shifting details Save money - save time - no damages

IMT Manaser

Free Cancellation & Reschedule

Book now, cancel or change anytime later

Book your slot today and change the date later anytime FREE cancelation and full refunds with no questions asked Book slots in advance to avoid high demand and high prices

IMT Manaser

5 Star Rated Partners

Don't risk your precious Inventory with local vendors

Selected Top-rated shifting companies out of thousands available in the market No local vendors, only verified and best-in-class packers and movers are chosen after stringent quality checks No price changes on the day of your move, professional behaviour and obligation to the quoted price

IMT Manaser

Dedicated Move Manager

Be tension free and let the move manager take care

Move manager to make your shifting hassle-free Move manager makes sure no delays happen on the shifting day Reminders about your movement, solving problems before they happen

Why can you solely rely on Max Logistics Packers and Movers IMT Manaser?

If you are also looking for an answer to the question “which is the best packers and movers company near me?”, you have arrived at the right place. Many reputable and professional moving and packing companies are available in IMT Manaser. However, not all of them are reliable. We are the best movers and packers in IMT Manaser. You can gladly trust our services.

Here are the few reasons due to which you can completely rely on us:-

  • Fast work process:- We have one of the most rapid processing times for moving and packing in IMT Manaser. In many instances we have managed to complete all commercial requirements for shifting in one day, which was originally scheduled for one week. We have established criteria to determine all the steps needed to complete a job. We'll provide you with a precise estimate of time by analysing multiple factors. Our knowledge and experience as well as modern technology enable us to complete the move quickly.
  • Affordable charges:- Max Logistics is an affordable, conventional and regular moving and packing company in IMT Manaser. We have one of the lowest rates in IMT Manaser to ease your travel. We have customised plans to suit your specific needs. We don't bind certain prices and quotes are provided following a thorough analysis of your needs. Contact us to receive an estimate for your needs with regards to shifting.
  • Safety of the items:- Safety of items is one of the main problems while shifting. It is crucial to ensure that everything is packed in specific materials and move items in specific ways to ensure the safety of the items. Our staff are equipped to handle any demands and adhere to the highest standards of safety.
IMT Manaser

Costs of Packers and Movers in IMT Manaser

As well-known packers and movers in IMT Manaser we are aware of the elements that influence the cost of moving due to our experience over the years. There are multiple factors that will determine the total cost you will have to pay for the relocation. These factors include the amount of goods that need to be relocated, packaging materials, carton boxes, labour and packing material needed based on the kind of item and the amount of items. The size of the transporter is also determined on the quantity of goods that need to be moved. The amount of goods and the total amount of things to be moved is an important factor in determining moving and packing costs. The greater the quantity of items to be moved more, the greater the total weight of the goods to be moved.

The following are the elements that play a major role in determining the charges for packers and movers:-

  • 1. Choice of the transportation vehicle:-

    Our Movers and packers in IMT Manaser assign the proper size of truck according to the amount of items to be moved. It's not only about fitting all the items to be moved; however all of the items have to be able to fit properly to ensure their safe transport. You have the option of choosing between open trucks and closed trucks. If you choose an open-top truck the carton boxes and other goods are put onto the truck. The truck is then fully covered with a tarpaulin. This ensures that the items are completely protected from dust, dirt and damage while in transit. Strong ropes help keep the carton boxes securely when they are loaded onto the vehicle.
  • 2. Amount and Type of packing need to be done:-

    Any item that must be moved will be wrapped with the packing material prior to packaging it into a box. The material for packing utilised is determined by the kind and weight of the product. Special and delicate items require several layers of material in order to ensure that the item is protected from scratching or damage that may occur during the transfer.As the top service for Movers and packers IMT Manaser, Max Logistics employs top quality and sustainable packaging material for all of our clients. More high-end packing materials, the more expensive the cost of packers and movers.The quality and the quantity of the packaging determines the cost of packers and moving. The more items to be moved, the heavier the total weight of the item after being packed in boxes made of carton.
  • 3. Distance between pick up location to destination:-

    Distance between starting point and the destination is an important factor in determining the cost of moving. The larger the distance, the more you have to pay. Condition of roads between origin to destination could also be a major deciding factor of your total cost.
  • 4. Floor number of both places:-

    If the place of origin (from where the items have to be moved) to the location (where the goods must deliver) has a higher level than second, more manpower is required to relocate. Customers need to check the accessibility of the service lift on the day of the move at the location of origin as well as at the destination location. If needed, officials at both locations must be contacted in order to make sure that the date is blocked and to confirm the use of the service lift. If there are no service lifts, additional power is required to finish the packing and move within the specified time.

Local Packers and Movers IMT Manaser Charges

Price Breakup/ House Size 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK
Packing Costs ₹ 11,999 – 21,999 ₹ 12,499 - 22,999 ₹ 12,999 - 24,999
Labour Charges ₹ 9,999 – 19,999 ₹ 10,599 - 20,799 ₹ 11,999 - 21,999
Transport Rates ₹ 2,999 - 6,999 ₹ 3,499 - 9,999 ₹ 5,999 - 12,999
Total Moving Price ₹ 24,997 – 48,997 ₹ 26,597 - 53,797 ₹ 30,997 - 59,997

Domestic Packers and Movers IMT Manaser Charges

Price Breakup/ House Size 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK
Packing Costs ₹ 12,999 – 23,499 ₹ 13,500 - 25,999 ₹ 13,999 - 29,999
Labour Charges ₹ 11,999 – 24,999 ₹ 12,499 - 26,499 ₹ 12,499 - 25,999
Transport Rates ₹ 5,499 - 15,999 ₹ 5,999 - 14,500 ₹ 5,999 - 16,999
Total Moving Price ₹ 30,497 - 64,497 ₹ 31,998- 66,998 ₹ 32,497 - 72,997

Why we Choose Max Logistic Packers Movers in IMT Manaser.

Fleet Of Truck:

Max Logistic Packers Movers have our own fleet of trucks, thus helping in a smooth and secure Packers and Movers experience for all of your goods.

24x7 Customer Care:

Max Logistic Packers Movers is always open for any query by our customers regarding Packers and Movers Service in Bangalore.

Spacious, Safe Warehouse:

Max Logistic Packers Movers have spacious and safe warehouses which provide our customer’s with storage facilities like never before.

IMT Manaser

10+ Years Experience:

Max Logistic Packers Movers team have a huge 10+ years of experience under our belt which helps us in providing the best packers movers service to our customers in Bangalore.

Best Packaging Service:

Max Logistic Packers Movers provide customers with packaging services that are taken care by skilled and meticulously trained workforce.

On-Time Delivery:

Max Logistic Packers Movers provide customers with on-time delivery due to their own fleet of trucks and industry expertise partnership all across India